Strong Defense Through Firearms Fundamentals

Our Philosophy
One philosophy that separates Center Mass Defense from other shooting schools is that we recognize that every student is different. We will never tell you that there is only one way to perfect your technique because YOU are your best teacher. Only YOU know what is most comfortable for you and what feels right. So Center Mass Defense concentrates on guiding instead of drilling and molding training to you, not the other way around. Please ask as many questions as you want or ask to try something a different way. As firearms are serious business, we want you to be as knowledgeable and confident as possible throughout your journey with us.

Most of his experience comes from real life situations as a combat veteran.  After leaving the Army in 2007, AJ returned to the United States and began expanding his knowledge by taking firearms classes as well as shooting competitively.  However, it was only after taking some friends and family out to the shooting range that he found his passion: Instructing.  

When AJ is not working, he is an advocate for the veteran community and volunteers with the American Legion where he volunteers at the post, district and state levels. 


AJ Gulley is the founder and primary firearms instructor at Center Mass Defense.