Strong Defense Through Firearms Fundamentals

Take Private Shooting Lessons in Scottsdale, AZ

Private Sessions
Private or Semiprivate Instruction 
These lessons are for students who have little to no experience shooting, want to learn without purchasing a firearm, or need to hone their skills. Students can pick a range of their preference.  Class size is limited to 2 students.  Rates vary from $50/hr to $100/hr per person, based on whether students will be providing their own firearms, want to be provided one, or would like to experience a variety of multiple firearms.  
*This is not an NRA class*

At Center Mass Defense, (although we adhere to strict safety rules), we strive for a relaxed and positive atmosphere. We understand that nervousness leads us to make more mistakes and being uncomfortable can lower drive and desire to learn. A.J. is former military, but realizes the key to instructing is not to tear students down like in the service, but to build them up and transform them into confident and competent shooters.

Man taking private shooting lessons in Scottsdale, AZ

Center Mass Defense uses a safety first approach and ensures the shooters have technical knowledge of the firearms they are using before hitting the range.  

Center Mass Defense offers private and small group lessons at times that are convenient for you.  Please contact us for availability. 

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Our Guarantee, Always

No matter how much we grow or all the new things we learn, we’ll never forget the core values that led to our success. It’s something you can’t really put into numbers. It’s what people are saying. It’s what they’re seeing. At Center Mass Defense, we want to maintain a reputation for delivering real-world results that make meaningful differences in the lives of real people, just like you.